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Remote Refrigeration

Removing the heat from your workstation by installing remote refrigeration on your refrigerated bases and kitchen storage will keep your workstation cooler. The use of remote refrigeration will benefit your air conditioning systems more than self-contained units.

Custom Designs

The best way to meet your needs is with a custom-built box.

Holding Warehouses

Ideal for large spaces or inventory

Commercial Kitchens

Great for storing produce, dairy and meats

Why Alemay Refrigeration Inc.?

In an industry where, “no news, is good news,” I have been fortunate to get the least amount of call backs in all my career. As an employee or as a Contractor. When I braze each pipe joint, I am 100% it is sealed. Mirror inspections, bubble detection, and electronic sensors are just some of the ways we ensure your system is sealed and ready for startup. 

What You Get

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are working with someone who cares about your project more than you do.

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