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“Most great people have attained their greatest success one step beyond their greatest failure.”
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KE2 Evaporator Efficiency Controllers

Provides energy savings 15-50% over mechanically controlled systems. Ideal for walk-in coolers, closed door display cases, refrigerated warehouses, meat prep rooms, walk-in freezers and blast freezers. Real time monitoring with alerts straight to your phone.

Out With the Old

Meeting the targeted emissions reductions in California likely will require the use of low-GWP refrigerants. Several states have announced plans to follow California’s lead on HFC phasedowns.

Climate protection for future generations

Energy efficiency along with reducing environmental impact is the greatest way we can move forward in this industry. In a challenging industry, there are new refrigerants capable of delivering ultra low GWP (Global Warming Potential) combined with energy efficiency.

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Are you tired of paying high energy bills? You could be saving money each month by updating your refrigeration system. Restaurants, hotels and fast-food outlets are under intense scrutiny to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their refrigeration systems.  Advances in refrigerants such as R448 have an important part to play in creating a more sustainable and lower carbon future.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Ensure that your fan coils have power. On your rooftop or outside, check that the condensing unit has power. If both have power verified, call (800) 326-9069 to schedule a free quote.  

There could be several reasons why your fan coil is iced over. The best solution is to defrost your coil/s to determine if it is the system. It is not uncommon for high traffic moments to create a moisture barrier at the back of the coil. If issue persists after defrosting coils, call (800) 326-9069 to schedule a free quote.

The most common cause of water leaks and drips are clogged drains or dirty drain pans. As warm air passes over the coil, the back of the coil becomes damp. Naturally, dust enters the room and gets stuck on the coil fins. During defrosting, the refrigerator sometimes starts condensing dust off its fins, which then drips into the coil drain pan. As time passes, next thing you know, your drain is clogged and your coil is frozen over and you’re calling Alemay Refrigeration at (800) 326-9069 to schedule a free quote.

Some things to consider in a new installation is location. Access to the location, for material and deliveries. Is there power readily accessible? Is there a floor sink or somewhere to drain the evaporator condensate water? You want to have a minimum of 2″ air gap around your box and any walls to avoid moisture build up and create mold. Box heights are custom to your specific needs but if you don’t need a 12′ ceiling, you would not want to pay to refrigerate this empty space. Low velocity coils make for a comfortable work environment in a cooler. Distributing the air so as to make it easier on the working bodies in the cooler.

Yes, O.A.C. you could be financed. 

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